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Roll of Honour


(entries with photographs below)

Top photograph:

Trooper, DUNTHORNE, Arthur Norman, 7906027;

4th Troop 'C' Squadron

Killed in action on the 20th March 1943 aged 23 while giving first aid to a wounded comrade during heavy enemy artillery gun fire, which also killed Tpr John Henry Maguire (see below).

Born (awaiting confirmation)

The 11th son of James William and Ada Elizaberth Dunthorne, of Essendine in Rutland

Arthur had enlisted into the Army in December 1939 and had been with the Regiment for three years at the time of his death.

Arthur had been on Mr Churchill's escort during his visit in Tripoli.

Arthur's parents received two letters from the Regiment after Arthur's death, the first from Major Burdon and the second from Lt O M Wentworth Stanley (Troop Leader).

Arthur is commemorated on the Madjez-El-Bab War Memorial in Tunisia on Face 2.

Also commemorated at the Essendine Parish Church in Rutland

Family dedication;

"Died age 23, fighting fascism in the North African desert".

"Remembered by your family with honour"

(Nick Bannister)

(My gratitude to Nick, Alan Tabor and Peggy for all their help)

Trooper, BARNES, James, 6984792;

(Squadron Unknown)

Died on the 2nd February 1943 aged 25 in Libya.

(Cause of death known but not able to record)

Born on the 10th January 1918 in Haslingdon in Lancashire

The son of ' the CWGC has no record of parents' (W.3040 records next of kin as being father; C.W., of 129 Primrose Hill, Blackwell in Derbyshire)

James is buried at the Tripoli War Cemetery in Libya

Grave Ref: 11.E.2.

(James Headstone has the Badge of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars, i have contacted the CWGC and they have promised to replace his Headstone with one with the 11th Hussars Badge)

Trooper, CROSS, Kenneth Stanley, 7947358;

1st Troop 'A' Squadron

Killed in action on the 6th October 1943 aged 21 as the result of his armoured car driving over a hidden mine in the Capua area, Italy

Born in 1922 in Croydon

The son of Hurbert Charles and Elise May Cross of Coulsdon in Surrey

Kenneth was educated at Reigate Grammar School

Kenneth is buried at the Naples War Cemerty in Italy

Grave Ref: III.N.7.

Trooper, MAGUIRE, John Henry, 558510;

Scout Section 'C' Squadron

Killed in action on the 20th March 1943 aged 23(see Tpr A N Dunthorne above for circumstances of death)

Born in 1920 in Birkenhead in Cheshire (confirming date)

The son of (awaiting confirmation)

Brother of Hannah, Frances and John Maguire, of 25 Buccaleaugh Street in Birkenhead.

Uncle of Mr Jim Flynn

John is commemorated on the Medjez-El-Bab War Memorial in Tunisia on Face 2.

Also commemorated on the WWII War Memorial, Birkenhead in Cheshire

Trooper, RAINFORD, George, 7886231;

(Squadron Unknown)

Accidentally killed on the 6th August 1943 aged 29 after a tree had fallen on him.

Born on the 23rd July 1914 at 7 Ashwell Street in Toxteth Park, Liverpool

The son of Thomas (Dock Labourer) and Bridget (Nee Hastings) Rainford (-1929) of 146 Lordens Road, Liverpool 14

Brother of Lizzy (-1995-USA), awaiting the names of two other sisters.

Great Uncle of Kathy Ormesher

George is buried at the Tripoli War Cemetery in Tunisia

Grave Ref: II.F.6.

(My gratitude to Kathy and Connie)

Trooper, TYLER, Henry Thomas, 7907694;

Regimental Headquarters

Died of wounds on the 29th October 1943 aged 27.

Born on the 14th September 1916 in Woodbridge in Suffolk

The son of Olga Mary Tyler, of Thorndon in Suffolk

Grandson of Mrs Emma Sparrow (nee Tyler), of 46 Hickfield Green, Hoxne in Norfolk

On the night of the 26th October 1943 Henry was driving the Commanding Officer Colonel Smails, Major Roberts(B3 Echelon) and the Adjutant Captain Lockett back to Regimental Headquarters in the dark, when the Jeep they were in went over the end of a demolished bridge and fell 25 feet into the ravine below.

Captain Lockett escaped unhurt, the Colonel (replaced by Bill Wainman) and Major Roberts (replaced by Lt Wingfield-Digby) both seriously injured had to be evacuated back to England.

Henry died of his injuries at the British Military Hospital in Naples shortly after arriving and was buried in its grounds.

Henry is now buried at the Naples War Cemetery in Italy

Grave Ref: III.L.18.

Trooper, WALKER, Jack, 3392108;

'C' Squadron

Died on the 22nd October 1943 aged 27(Cause Unknown).

Born in 1916 in Warrington in Lancashire

The son of Frederick Samuel and Martha Ellen Walker, of Latchford, Warrington in Lancashire

Husband of Eunice Walker, of Latchford, Warrington in Lancashire

Father of John and Jackie

Uncle of James Walker

Jack is buried at the Naples War Cemetery in Italy.

Grave Ref: I.N.6.

Commemorated on the Warrington War Memorial and on the Warrington Roll of Honour

(My gratitude to James for all of his help)

Trooper, HAMPSON, Stanley, 3391514; 'C' Squadron Died of wounds received in action on the 2nd October 1943(W.3040 3rd October 1943) aged 30 during 'C' Sqn's two days pushing forward from Pompei towards Naples. Born on the 15th January 1913 in Leigh, Greater Manchester in Lancashire The son of Samuel and Elizaberth Hampson, of Lancashire Husband of Lily Hampson, of 347 Manchester Road, Tyldesley Manchester Stanley is buried at the Salerno War Cemetery in Italy. Grave Ref: IV.E.35. Commemorated on the Tyldesley War Memorial in Lancashire (My gratitude to Mr Maurice Marlow for his help)

Lieutenant, TURNER, John Benham, MC, 179603; Jeep Troop 'A' Squadron (Troop Leader) Drowned at sea as a prisoner of war on the 14th January 1943 aged 23 after being taken prisoner on the 30th December 1942 outside of the Fort of Bou Ngem Born on the 29th December 1919 in Colchester in Essex The son of Ernest Hammond (Mayor of Colchester; 1927-1928) and Violet Inez (Nee Benham) Turner, of Colchester in Essex Brother of; Captain Cecil Douglas Ernest (31/08/1917-29/11/1941) Turner, MC, Killed in action on the 29th November 1941, 104 Regiment, Royal Artillery (Tobruk War Cemetery, Grave Ref: 8.M.5) Lieutenant Hugh Bentley (18/02/1915-16/01/1945) Turner, DSC, RN, Killed in action on the 16th January 1945, Commander HM Submarine Porpoise (Portsmouth War Memorial) Also of Joyce, Reverend Eric, Margaret, and Tony Turner John's Military Cross (MC) was announced in the London Gazette on Tuesday 4th February 1943. On the 14th January 1943 John was being transported to Italy with 10 other Officer POW's on board the Italian Submarine Narvalo when it was attacked and damaged by an RAF Beaufort, she was then finished off by the Destroyers Pakenham and Hursley at position 34-08 N , 16-04 E, killing 8 of the 11 POW's on board including John. John is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 19. Also on the Colchester Roll of Honour alongside his two brothers Cecil and Hugh. (My gratitude to Harry Buckledee, Don Trotman, John Benham and all at the Royal Artillery Museum)

Trooper, BEALE, Anthony Harbord, 7948096; 'C'Squadron Died on the 19th May 1943 aged 20. (W.3040 reads: Died of G.S.W 'ON' duty 'NOT' to blame) Born on the 31st March 1923 Wandsworth in London The son of John Arthur and Madeleine (Nee Bernard) Beale of Little Meadows, Oakway Reigate in Surrey Anthony is buried at the Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery in Tunisia Grave Ref: 15.D.9. "In proud and treasured memory of a good son and brother, his duty done" Taken from Anthony's Headstone

Trooper, ADAMS, Alfred William, 7910721; 'C' Squadron Killed in action on the 3rd October 1943 aged 29 in the area of Pompei in Italy. Born in August 1914 in the small village of Canewdon in Essex The son of Edith Mary Adams, of Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex Alfred's father at the time of his birth was a farm labourer traveling from farm to farm looking for work, before eventually settling in Burnham-on-Crouch in 1918 until his death in 1939. Brother of Mr Stanley R Adams Alfred was educated at the Endowed School in Burnham until he was 14. He attended St Mary's C of E Church. Alfred's first weekend job at that time was as a Caddy at the local Golf Club to supplement the family income. At the age of 14 Alfred was employed as an errand boy at the local grocer's shop where he stayed for four years. In the early thirty's he became unemployed until 1936 when he became a milkman until his enlistment in early 1940. Alfred is buried at the Salerno War Cemetery in Italy Grave Ref: IV.F.35. Alfred is also commemorated on the Burnham-on-Crouch War Memorial which stands in front of his old School and also at St Mary the Virgin Church in Burnham-on Crouch. (My gratitude to Stanley Adams and Cannon Hugh Beavon for their help and kindness shown)

Trooper, HARRIS, Alfred (Alfie) Sydney, 7895626; 3rd Troop 'C' Squadron Died of wounds received in action on the 2nd October 1943 aged 22(see Tpr S.Hampson above for circumstance of death). Born in September 1920 in Aston in Warwickshire (now Birmingham) The son of Alfred Concort and Margaret (Nee Welsh) Harris, of Long Buckby in Northamptonshire Brother of Alan Alfred had initially served with the Northamptonshire Yeomanry. Alfred is buried at the Salerno War Cemetery in Italy. Grave Ref: II.D.27. Commemorated at the Northampton Yeomanry and in the Birmingham Book of Remembrance held in the Hall of Memory in Birmingham (My gratitude to Alan for his help)

Trooper, LE MASNEY, Francis Joseph, 7916110; 'C' Squadron Killed in action on the 30th September 1943 aged 32 (see Tpr S Hampson above for circumstances of death) Born in 1911 in Castletownroche, Co Cork in Ireland The son of (awaiting confirmation) Nephew of Doctor Francis Joseph Le Masney Francis was one of ten children, 7 boys and 3 girls, Francis was number eight. Francis was educated at Castletownroche National Primary School. Francis left Ireland and after a short spell in the U.S.A settled in Birmingham where he met and married his wife (name unknown) she was an Ambulance driver, shortly afterwards Francis joined up in Birmingham. Two of Francis's brothers were serving Police Officers; Michael James served with the Warwickshire Police Force in Stratford--upon-Avon the other in Kent. On the front page of the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald dated: 12th November 1943 there are two articles mentioning Francis's brother PC Michael Le Masney. The first is under the headline of; "P.C's Gallantry, Gunner Rescued from Blazing Plane, National Commendation Awarded" The second under the headline; "Christmas Parcel that was not sent" This refers to the morning when Michael was leaving his house to post Francis's Christmas present to North Africa, he found at the front door an airgraph letter from a comrade of Francis breaking the news of Francis's death. Francis is buried at the Salerno War Cemetery in Italy Grave Ref: VI.C.40. Commemorated in the Birmingham Book of Remembrance held at the Hall of Memory in Birmingham (My Gratitude to Francis for his help)

Lieutenant, DE-WEND-FENTON, Humphrey West James, 232730; 'C' Squadron (Troop Leader) Killed in action on the 9th April 1943 aged 21 as the result of anti-tank gun fire in the Sfax area. Born in 1922 in Bournemouth The son of Lt-Col James Douglas Leonard (15/10/1890-06/04/1942) De Wend-Fenton (The Colonel was also killed in action, serving with the 3rd King's Own Hussars on the 6th April 1942 during Operation Supercharge, previously having served as a Major in the 14th / 20th Hussars during WWI), and Violet Gertrude Marie Gerand (Nee Walmesley) De Wend-Fenton (1902-1948), of Chilton Foliat in Wiltshire. Brother of Pauline G (12/01/1921- ) and Susan (1928- ) De Wend-Fenton. James was educated at Balliol College Oxford. James had joined the Regiment shortly before the Battle of El Alamein and had been the first Troop Leader of the newly formed 'Jeep Troop' which was formed in Tripoli two months prior to his death. It is recorded that James had gallantly served with 'C' Squadron from Egypt to Tunisia. James is commemorated on the Medjez-El-Bab War Memorial in Tunisia, on Face 2. Also at Balliol College (WWII Memorial in the Chapel passage) in Oxford (My gratitude to James family for their help)

Trooper, HAMILTON, Leslie Jack, 552398; 1st Troop 'C' Squadron Killed in action on the 17th January 1943 aged 26 as the result driving over a mine in the Saddada area of Libya. Born on the 26th June 1916 in Hackney in London The son of Margaret (Nellie) Hamilton and George Richardson, of Eltham, London Brother of Edward (Ted) Hamilton Great Uncle of Darren Shinn Leslie was baptized on the 4th August 1921 at St Luke's Church in Eltham. With his brother the two boys grew up at a boy's home in Church Row, Leighfield in Oxfordshire. Leslie joined the band of the 11th Hussars in 1932 serving in Egypt during the 1935 Cairo Riots and was demobbed in 1940 re-enlisting at Norwich on the 19th April 1942 as a Driver / Operator in 'C' Squadron commanded then by Captain Cayzer. On the 18th February 1943 the family received notification (Army Form: B.104.82B) that Leslie had died of wounds in No 4 New Zealand Field Ambulance, Middle East. At the time of Leslie's death his brother Edward was serving with the Hampshire Regiment. Leslie is commemorated on the El Alamein War Memorial in Egypt on Column 20. (My gratitude to Darren for his help)

Trooper ROSE, Frederick, 317057; 'A' Squadron Headquarters Died in the 63rd General Hospital in Egypt on the 26th June 1943 of Typhus Fever aged 31 Born on the 27th July 1911 in Huddersfield The son of Herbert and Ellen Rose, of Huddersfield in Yorkshire Husband of Freda Rose, of 45 Scarr End Brockholes in Huddersfield in Yorkshire Frederick was seriously wounded on the 12th October 1942(war diary) during a German air attack on SHQ (W.3040 records the 11th October 1942) and admitted to the 63rd General Field Hospital. On the 14th June 1943 he was placed on the S1 list with Typhus, then on the D1 list on the 18th June 1943 and is then recorded as died on the 26th June 1943. Frederick is buried at the Heliopolis War Cemetery in Egypt. Grave Ref: 5.C.10.

WO2 (SSM) McCARTHY, Edward (Ted) Dennis, MM, 318969; "C' Squadron (Squadron Sergeant Major) Died of injuries on the 26th April 1943 aged 26 when his armoured car overturned as the track he was traveling along gave way Born on the 30th August 1917 in St Martin, London The son of (awaiting confirmation) Mothers maiden name; Kaye Niece of Jane and Ellen Edward initially joined the 12th Royal Lancers in 1938/39 before transferring into the 11th Hussars while at Tidworth. His Military Medal (MM) was awarded posthumously received by Edwards's brother and daughter at Buckingham Palace. Edward is buried at the Enfidaville War Cemetery in Tunisia. Grave Ref: IV.C.1. (My gratitude to Jane McCarthy Blake, Austrailia)

Lance Corporal, LATCHEM, Sydney George, 4625965; 2nd Troop 'C' Squadron Mortally wounded in action on the 2nd October 1943 aged 23 after his armoured was knocked out by an anti-tank gun in the middle of the village Nola in Italy. The son of Sidney and Jessie Latchem, of 67 Whitelands, Radstock in Somerset Brother of Mr S Latchem (Somerset Light Infantry) Uncle of Sheena Latchem and Paul C Latchem Sydney played Football for a local side as well as the County before enlisting, and then for the Army Sydney was part of the 11th Hussars guard of honour to Mr Churchill during his visit to the Eight Army in Tripoli in 1943 Sydney is buried at the Salerno War Cemetery in Italy Grave Ref: II.D.29. Commemorated on the Radstock War Memorial and Radstock Parish Church (My gratitude to Sheena and Paul for their help and kindness shown)

WO2 (QMS) RICHARDSON, William, 536005; 'C' Squadron Died at the Borough Hospital in Southampton on the 8th May 1943 aged 42 of Cancer. Born 1901 in Durham Baptized at the Brancepeth Parish in Durham, the son of Robert (Railway Porter) and Janet Richardson on the 5th May 1901, of Railway Cottages, Brancepeth in Durham The son of Robert and Mary Richardson, of Southampton Husband of Rose Richardson, of Woolston in Southampton (Married 1932 at Tidworth) Father of Peter William Richardson William had served as a Troop Leader in Palestine during the Arab Rebellion. Williams's obituary appeared in the Southern Daily Eco on the 12th May 1943. William was buried at Holy Saviour Churchyard in Bitterne in Southampton following a Military Funeral. Grave Ref: Plot 4 Row 11 Grave 7. In 2007 after checking, William was found not be have been commemorated in Southampton, a request was forwarded for his inclusion to the Mayors Office. (My gratitude to Peter for his help)

GAMMON, Peter, JX675762; Ordinary Seaman (H.M.S.Daedalus) Royal Navy Died on the 24th May 1944, aged: 18 The son of Calypso Clarence and Frances Sarah Gammon, of: 1 Telford Avenue, Leamington Spa Buried and Commemorated at St Mary Magdalene Churchyard, Lillington Grave Ref: (New Ground) Row 11, Grave 3

LAWSON, Robert William, 271291; Second Lieutenant, Royal Warwickshire Regiment Died on the 25th November 1943, aged? The son of Robert and Lucy Lawson, of: Leamington Spa Buried at Leamington (Whitnash Road) Cemetery Grave Ref: 109.209

READING, Alfred Edward Raworth, 29191; Private, Pioneer Corps Died on the 26th November 1944, aged: 56 The son of Edward and Mary Jane Reading (Nee: Raworth); husband of: Mary Ann Reading, of: Leamington Spa Buried at Leamington (Whitnash Road) Cemetery Grave Ref: 102.260

BAYLISS, Reginald, 14505797; Corporal, Corps of Royal Military Police Died on the 9th July 1947, aged: 38 The son of Edwin and Mary Anne Bayliss, of: Leamington Spa; husband of: Hannah Elizabeth Bayliss, of: Leamington Spa Buried at Leamington (Whitnash Road) Cemetery Grave Ref: 109.118

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