October 25th, 2016

Privates on Parade at Leamington’s Loft Theatre

Privates on Parade at Leamington’s Loft Theatre Privates on Parade at Leamington’s Loft Theatre
Updated: 3:06 pm, May 07, 2015

PETER Nichols’ musical comedy Privates on Parade brings down the curtain on teh current season at Leamington’s Loft Theatre.

Set in 1948 against the background of the Malayan Emergency, the play charts the adventures of SADUSEA (Song and Dance Unit South East Asia) a British Forces Concert Party whose job it is to entertain troops engaged in keeping 5,000 Chinese communist guerrillas at bay.

Steven Flowers, a naïve young private, joins the Group which is led by the outrageously flamboyant Captain Terri Dennis and falls under the spell of the only female member of the troop, Sylvia Morgan.

But Steven and the other young recruits are soon overtaken by the need to grow up fast as, inexperienced in combat, find themselves thrust into genuine danger.

The cast includes Michael Barker in the role of Acting Captain Terri Dennis, with Peter Borsada as Steven Flowers, Karen Brooks as Sylvia Morgan, Mike Crawshaw as the criminally conniving Sergeant-Major Drummond, and Phil Reynolds as their Commanding Officer Major Giles Flack.

Director Steve Smith said: “Having appeared in Privates on Parade a number of years ago and having worked on it again over the past months, I know what a great show it is. With outrageous comedy, instantly appealing music, a wide range of interesting characters and a serious and thought-provoking heart, there’s something in it for everyone.”

Privates on Parade runs from July 9 to 19. Visit www.loft-theatre.co.uk for tickets and further details.

The play contains scenes of nudity and strong language throughout.