October 26th, 2016

Joshua takes the fire safety message home

Joshua takes the fire safety message home Joshua takes the fire safety message home
Fire safety first - Joshua was delighted to receive the award from Community Fire Safety Officer Tony Harris. (s)
Updated: 10:17 am, Jun 03, 2016

A YOUNGSTER has made sure his home is fire safe – and scooped himself an award in the process.

Joshua Houlihan from Warwick has been named Warwickshire’s Junior Fire Safety Champion after spotting potential fire hazards in his home.

The All Saints C of E Primary School pupil attended a talk by firefighters about potential risks before he and the other pupils carried out their own fire checks at home.

Schoolchildren across the county receive the talks and then go off to complete their own checks at home. Their names are sent off to the fire service which then pick the Junior Fire Champion.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman Ruth Greenhalgh said: “I am delighted that Joshua was presented with the Junior Fire Safety Champion trophy and prize.

“We educate young people about fire safety in a fun and creative way. We ask pupils to take home what they have learnt and put it into practice. This gives them the confidence to ensure their safety and those around them.”