October 26th, 2016

Opening times cut at Leamington police station

Opening times cut at  Leamington police station Opening times cut at  Leamington police station
Updated: 3:09 pm, May 07, 2015

CALLERS will be forced to use an intercom to speak to officers at Leamington Police Station after a cut to opening hours.

The new hours from September 1 will see the desk at Warwickshire Justice Centre open between 8am and 8pm six days a week, and from 10am to 4pm on Sundays and bank holidays. Previously the desk was open until midnight when people could go in to speak to an officer.

When closed, people will have to use an intercom outside the station to speak to an operator who will decide whether they need to see an officer.

The move comes following a review into face to face dealings between the police and the public which found less people were choosing to visit the station since the 101 non-emergency number was introduced.

Ch Supt Amanda Blakeman, who led the review, said: “The public access our services in many ways, but we have seen the number of people calling at public counters drop in recent years. Our analysis of demand has provided evidence which has allowed us to take these steps without impacting the level of service enjoyed by communities.

“Keeping people safe is the focus of Warwickshire Police and this is an opportunity to deliver a more consistent, professional service, which will enable more officers to be deployed where and when they are needed the most in our communities.”

Currently people not in an emergency can contact an officer by calling 101, visiting the police enquiries contact points at Shire Hall in Warwick or Kenilworth library or speaking to the Leamington Safer Neighbourhood Team.