October 23rd, 2016

Residents wage war on litter louts

Residents wage war on litter louts Residents wage war on litter louts
Updated: 3:15 pm, May 07, 2015

FED-UP residents in Lillington are waging war on litter louts and fly-tippers.

Black Lane, sandwiched between the Campion Hills and Buckley Road, has become a favourite dumping ground for everything from toilet cisterns to computer monitors.

But residents are fighting back and have teamed-up with Warwick District Council in a bid to tackle the problem – which started with a community litter pick.

Resident Angela Owen, who walks along Black Lane to get to her allotment, said: “It’s a lovely lane but a real hotspot for litter and especially fly-tips.

“The lane is also used by joggers, walkers and cyclists. Over the years I’ve been getting really despondent at the littering and the fly-tipping that occurs along this beautiful leafy lane.”

The litter pick at the weekend saw volunteers collect two toilet cisterns, rolls of carpet, tyres, roofing felt, metal sheets, concrete gate posts, and more, together with many black sacks full of general rubbish. The district council sent a truck to take it all away.

“The event went really well and was a real team effort,” added Angela. “It was clear rubbish had been collecting, particularly, at the back of the hedgerows and out of sight, for years.

“There was a very high frequency of fly-tips.”

Angela is now planning to form a Friends of Black Lane group and send a message to everyone that it is not the local rubbish dump.