October 25th, 2016

Stroke survivors say they feel ‘abandoned’

Stroke survivors say they feel ‘abandoned’ Stroke survivors say they feel ‘abandoned’
Image: Robcowbury (Creative Commons License)
Updated: 10:51 am, Jun 17, 2016

MORE than a third of stroke survivors in the West Midlands say the ‘feel abandoned’ when they leave hospital.

The Stroke Association figures released as part of Stroke Awareness Month also show almost half of the region’s survivors left hospital without a care plan meaning they did not have support in place to help their recovery.

More than half say they were not contacted by a healthcare professional on their return to home and four in ten say they did not receive a six-month assessment of their health and social care needs.

Jon Barrick, chief executive at the Stroke Association, labelled the findings ‘deeply concerning’ and said although major strides had been made to the way stroke was treated in hospital, the same was not true when stroke survivors returned home.

Visit www.stroke.org.uk/newera to sign the Stroke Association’s petition for a new stroke strategy.