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18th Aug, 2022

Strawberry Moon: what is it, when can you see it and what could it mean?

Leamington Editorial 14th Jun, 2022

Have you been feeling uneasy today?

You might feel a sudden need to find a goal, mission or philosophy that gives your life meaning and helps you to feel protected, if the astrology surrounding today’s Strawberry Moon is to be believed.

What is the Strawberry Moon?

The Strawberry Moon is a type of full moon which occurs in June every year. This year’s is even more special than usual, being the first “supermoon” of the year.

A supermoon occurs when the Moon reaches its closest point to Earth along its orbital path. As a result, it’s much more visible in the sky, around 7 per cent larger and 15 per cent brighter. Unfortunately, the Moon doesn’t actually transform into a spectacular pinkish red in the sky when it’s a Strawberry Moon. Rather, the name originates from this full moon being used by ancient tribes as an indicator that wild berries were ripe for picking.

How often does the Strawberry Moon occur?

The Strawberry Moon occurs once per year in June. Full moons take place around every 30 days throughout the year, so the Strawberry Moon never falls on the same exact date. Last year’s Strawberry Moon, for example, took place on June 24, 2021.

When exactly can you see the Strawberry Moon?

The best time to see it in all its glory will be tonight but fear not, if you want to see the Strawberry Moon, you might not have to stay awake until the early hours of the morning. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see it this afternoon during daylight hours pending on cloud cover. Just look up.

The exact time for the Strawberry Supermoon to reach its peak in the UK was at 12.51 pm today (Tuesday, June 14 ) – this is exactly when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth.

Despite the fact this ‘peak’ occurs in the daytime, you will still be able to enjoy the spectacle during the evenings and probably see it a lot better when the moon will still appear full.

The actual best time to view the Strawberry Supermoon is at the start of moonrise or moonset as it will appear larger near the horizon.

Are there any superstitions about the Strawberry Moon?

This year’s Strawberry Moon is occurring while the Moon is in the Sagittarius constellation. According to astrology, your hip joints, hip muscles, liver, lumbar muscle, lumbar vertebra, sacrum, tail bone and thigh bones are all more sensitive while the Moon is in Sagittarius, so make sure to take extra care – if you believe in that kind of thing.

What other full moons are coming up?

The next full moon, the Buck Moon, will take place on July 13. It will achieve peak illumination at 7:38pm, much later than today’s Strawberry Moon. In August, the Sturgeon Moon will take place at 2:36am on August 12, so make sure to set an alarm or stock up on plenty of coffee, or both!

Paul Mayze, Managing Director for, commented:

“Today’s Strawberry Moon should be a real spectacle, being the first supermoon of the year. Space is one of life’s biggest marvels, and it’s fascinating to learn about the wonders of the solar system. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the sky today!”

You can also see the Strawberry supermoon of June live online in a free webcast from the Virtual Telescope Project at 7.15pm tonight (Tuesday).


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