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British Shoes and English Brands

Leamington Editorial 7th Nov, 2017 Updated: 7th Nov, 2017

Here at English Brands we take great pride in stocking a wide variety of high quality British brands. Our website is dedicated to the best of British and we want to make sure that the items that feature on our store are always things that you will want to buy and ultimately wear.

The collections and ranges that we have include clothing for both men and women, as well as accessories too. However, one of the particular collections that we are proud to offer is our British Shoes.

Being based in Northampton we are amongst some of the finest show manufacturers in the whole of England. In fact, Northamptonshire is known to be the home of top quality shoemaking, something that we think makes us best placed to really showcase some of the best brands out there.

Two of the main brands that we stock are Joseph Cheaney Shoes and John White Shoes. Both of which are known to offer exquisite quality and top of the range style. Want to know more? Why not read on about both of these brands.

Cheaney Shoes

Founded in 1886, the legacy of Joseph Cheaney and Sons is one that is still going strong. A family business since 1903 when the sons of the founder Joseph joined the business, it has now seen five generations of Cheaney’s working within the shoe manufacturing and production process.

Cheaney Shoes make shoes for all. Their ranges include men and women and they mainly focus their products for a formal, luxurious market. Their shoes are not only made using the best techniques and tools, but the materials are also of the best quality too. All things that ensure that when you buy Cheaney Shoes, you are buying the best shoes possible.

John White Shoes

Another well known Northampton shoemaker that we stock comes in the form of John White Shoes. John White Shoes had humble beginnings based in a small shack type buildinhere, John Whiteelf was handcrafting a pair of shoes and, unknown to him, starting a boot making empire.

Every pair of shoes that John made, right from those early days were labelled with KB, this seemed to be somewhat of a mystery until much later on in his career, and his life, when he revealed that it stood for his own personal motto. Keep Believing.

This dedication is something that carried John through and despite some issues along the way, his shoes are still much coveted in these modern times. They are a sign of amazing quality, as well as style and are not only ideal for formal occasions, but also for everyday wear too.


Want to see just how amazing these two brands are? Why not check out Cheaney Shoes and John White Shoes for yourself? Take a look at our website and see what we have in stock.

You are likely to find just what you are looking for.

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