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All About Gia Janashvili's Veli Services

Leamington Editorial 26th Oct, 2023   0

Article Written by Matthew Field

Veli Services is a prominent player in the iGaming industry, offering a wide range of solutions and expertise to enhance the gaming experience for both operators and players. At the helm of this innovative company is Gia Janashvili, a visionary leader known for his deep understanding of the iGaming software sector.

The primary mission of the company is to deliver top-tier betting and gaming experiences, setting new standards in the industry. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, a broad range of services has been developed, integrating cutting-edge technology and robust support systems to ensure the success of their clients.

Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Veli Services has carved its niche in the iGaming industry by prioritizing the delivery of exceptional betting and gaming experiences. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the rich content and innovative features woven into their products. This dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart as a trusted technological partner for those seeking superior gaming solutions.

The Hub

Within the platform’s offerings, users are met with a dashboard that serves as a centralized hub for managing all aspects of their gaming solutions. This feature not only provides complete insight into scans and statistics but also empowers users to maintain control over their costs. It reflects Veli Services’ commitment to ensuring that their clients have the tools they need to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Technical Support and Data Protection

Veli Services’ commitment to client success goes beyond just providing cutting-edge gaming solutions. The company places a strong emphasis on offering robust technical support to ensure that its partners can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Implementing and managing gaming solutions can sometimes present challenges. For this reason, the company has established a comprehensive support center and documentation system. These resources serve as invaluable guides for clients who may encounter hurdles during the implementation process. From setting up a new gaming platform to troubleshooting issues, the support center is designed to kick-start the implementation process and offer step-by-step guidance.

Additional Assistance

In situations where clients require additional assistance, Veli Services stands ready to help. The company’s specialists are readily available to address any issues that may arise. Their eagerness to support clients where needed ensures that challenges are promptly and effectively resolved, allowing partners to focus on delivering top-notch gaming experiences to their customers.

Protecting Partners and Clients

Data protection is a paramount concern, especially in the iGaming sector, and Veli Services has taken proactive steps to integrate robust measures into its products. This includes the meticulous management of access rights and permissions to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific information. By implementing these controls, sensitive data is safeguarded, which minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Software Development Access

The platform offers unconditional access to all their software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) for mobile and web. This commitment to providing the latest versions of these tools ensures that clients always have access to state-of-the-art security features and updates. As a result, Veli Services not only meets the data protection needs of today but also anticipates the evolving data security landscape of tomorrow.

Modern Technological Approaches

Veli Services leverages a range of innovative techniques to enhance the performance and scalability of its gaming solutions. One such approach is cloud-native computing, which plays a central role in the company’s technology stack.

Architectural Approach

Cloud-native computing is an architectural approach that harnesses the capabilities of cloud environments to optimize the development and deployment of applications. Veli Services’ adoption of this approach enables several key advantages. First and foremost, it enhances the automation, speed, and ease with which features are delivered to production. This means that updates and new features can be rolled out to gaming platforms rapidly, ensuring a dynamic and responsive user experience.


Furthermore, cloud-native computing provides excellent scalability. As user loads increase, the system can adapt and improve in a semi-automated manner. This ensures that gaming platforms can handle high levels of concurrent users without sacrificing performance or responsiveness.

Seamless Operations

Cloud-native computing allows for the effective use of resources, eliminating the need for operators to manage and maintain their hardware. This results in cost-efficiency and ensures that gaming platforms can operate seamlessly even during peak usage periods. Moreover, the transition to cloud gaming enhances security, as reputable cloud service providers are entrusted with robust cybersecurity and data integrity measures.

Advanced Analytics and Business Insights

To empower its clients with valuable data-driven decision-making capabilities, the company offers an array of advanced analytics tools and business intelligence solutions.

Data Management

Firstly, Veli Services provides a comprehensive tracking platform designed to manage customer data effectively. This enables operators to gather and analyze valuable user information, preferences, and gaming behaviors. Through the advanced use of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, this data can be harnessed to derive deep insights into the user base.


A standout feature within Veli Services’ analytics arsenal is the integrated BI tool, Tableau. This powerful tool facilitates real-time business insights by providing interactive, visual analyses of crucial data points. With Tableau, clients gain the ability to track essential metrics such as conversion rates, retention rates, daily active users (DAU), and gross gaming revenue (GGR). These insights empower operators to refine their marketing strategies, personalize user experiences, and enhance overall business efficiency.

Antifraud Measures

The integrity of the iGaming industry relies on maintaining a secure and trustworthy gaming environment. Recognizing this, Veli Services places a strong emphasis on antifraud measures and deploys advanced technologies to tackle this challenge head-on.


Fraud prevention is critical in the iGaming sector due to the substantial financial transactions and sensitive user data involved. Any breach of security or fraudulent activity can not only result in financial losses but also damage the reputation and trustworthiness of an operator.

To address these concerns, Veli Services employs a thorough and state-of-the-art antifraud system. This system is designed to prevent, detect, and respond effectively to fraud and misconduct risks.

Key elements of this approach include:

  •  All-in-One Antifraud Solution:

Veli Services uses the most advanced and recognized fraud prevention solution available. This solution is specifically engineered to identify and halt fraud at every transaction. By continuously monitoring and analyzing user activities, it can quickly recognize suspicious patterns and take corrective action.


  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in the platform’s antifraud measures. Through advanced AI algorithms, the system can automatically identify anomalies, irregularities, and potentially fraudulent behavior. This proactive approach ensures rapid responses to emerging threats.


  • Bottom-Line Profitability:

Veli Services doesn’t view antifraud measures as mere safeguards; instead, they recognize that effective fraud prevention can lead to dramatic improvements in bottom-line profitability. By minimizing fraud-related losses and preserving the integrity of the gaming experience, operators can focus on growing their businesses with confidence.

Custom Solutions and Migration Support

A tailored approach can be created to meet the unique needs of operators:

Tailored Experiences

Some operators strive for something greater than off-the-shelf solutions to launch and operate their iGaming platforms. This is where Veli Services’ custom solution comes into play. It is designed to accommodate operators with exclusive features and specific requirements.

If an operator has a novel gaming concept, unique user engagement strategies, or distinctive branding needs, Veli Services provides the flexibility to integrate these into the platform. This custom approach ensures that operators can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and offer players an engaging and distinctive gaming experience.

Easy and Fast Migration

For operators looking to transition from their existing platforms to a more innovative and efficient solution, Veli Services offers a painless migration process. This migration support is characterized by two key elements:

For operators looking to transition from their existing platforms to a more innovative and efficient solution, Veli Services offers a painless migration process. This migration support is characterized by two key elements:

  • Specially Devised Tools: Specialized tools have been developed that facilitate safe and swift migration between platforms. These tools are designed to streamline the

migration process and ensure that it can be completed within a record timeframe of just two weeks.

  • Client-Centered Attitude: The migration process isn’t just about technical transitions but it is also about integrating and developing features that help operators achieve their business objectives. A client-centered approach is adopted during migration, ensuring that the operator’s unique requirements are met.

Expanding Product Offerings and Developer-Friendly Features

The innovative platform has demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement and product expansion.

Continuous Innovation

Veli Services regularly enhances its product portfolio with cutting-edge features and industry solutions. By keeping their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, the company ensures that their offerings remain at the forefront of the market.

Developer-Friendly Features

Developers play a pivotal role in shaping the iGaming experience so developer-friendly features have been integrated into the platform.

These features include:

Extensibility: Developers are allowed to extend the platform by creating microservices that utilize REST API or KAFKA events. This flexibility empowers developers to tailor the platform to meet specific operator needs.

Language Agnostic: The platform’s services can be written in various programming languages, including Java, Scala, Python, NodeJS, and more. This language-agnostic approach provides developers with the freedom to work in their language of choice.

DevOps Culture: DevOps culture is embraced, where operational and development teams collaborate seamlessly as a single unit. This approach ensures successful delivery and the smooth operation of applications in production.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing is a fundamental part of Veli Services’ development process. The platform is equipped with comprehensive test suites that are regularly run to validate system behavior. Additionally, performance metrics and test suites are in place to monitor system performance.

Observability: Veli Services emphasizes observability, which allows for the quick detection and resolution of incidents or system failures. This is achieved through metric gathering, reporting, and dashboards that provide insights into system performance and responsiveness.

Microservices and Containerization: The company leverages small and loosely coupled software components, which enable fast system evolution. Containerization ensures that applications can be easily transferred between different environments, reducing time-to-market.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment): Consistent and automated CI/CD practices are employed to build, package, and test applications. This approach results in reliable and swift code delivery.

Innovation, Excellence, and Security with Gia Janashvili and Veli Services

Veli Services, under Gia Janashvili’s imaginative leadership, is a trusted ally in the ever-changing iGaming industry. From delivering top-quality experiences and providing robust support to safeguarding data and adopting modern technology, the platform has proven its commitment to the industry.

Their focus on antifraud measures and customizable solutions ensures security and adaptability, making them a go-to choice for iGaming operators. Moreover, their developer-friendly features pave the way for continuous growth and innovation.

As the iGaming industry evolves, Veli Services remains at the forefront, offering a compass for success. For operators looking to elevate their offerings and embrace the future of iGaming, this is a dependable partner to explore.

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