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Lifestyle choices: Are health assessments essential?

Editorial Correspondent 13th Jul, 2022 Updated: 13th Jul, 2022   0

HEALTH assessments feel like something you’d associate with Americans, but things seem to be catching on over here in the UK too. While they aren’t commonly supplied by the NHS if you’re young and fit, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to go private for annual health assessments.

In this article, we’ll look at when health assessments are needed in the UK and why you might want to get one booked. Healthcare screening is now a part of many job requirements, whether done before onboarding or whilst on the job, as well as when applying for mortgages or life insurance.

Some big events may still require you to have a Covid-19 test done beforehand while any illnesses in the workplace may also result in you needing to have a test, just in case you’re carrying Covid-19 and could potentially give it to the rest of your workforce.

Having more awareness of your health can help you have greater ownership of what’s going on in your body and the risks you may pose, without realising, to the people around you.

Health awareness in the UK

Health assessments in the UK are most commonly associated with those over the age of 40 or with a family history of certain conditions such as heart disease. However, it’s not just the elderly or those with health concerns who can benefit from a health assessment – anyone can!

A typical health assessment usually involves a series of tests and examinations which check your overall health and fitness levels. This might include a variety of tests, including blood, urine, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI measurements. You will also be asked about your lifestyle choices, including how often you drink or smoke.

It’s so important that we know what’s going on inside of us and why you may be feeling the way that you do. We’ve seen people put up and suffer with feeling unwell for so long, so going for health test could tell them what the problem is and what their next steps need to be.

In a time when people are suffering from the so-called “Long Covid”, it’s more important than ever to look after our health. Dr Claire Steves, based at King’s College London, has gone on the record to state that, “One in 25 people who catch Covid-19 go on to have symptoms for more than four weeks.” While you may have milder Covid-19 symptoms, you may be more negatively affected by “Long Covid”.

What are the benefits of monitoring your health?

There are many benefits to having a health assessment, both for your peace of mind and for your long-term health. Here are just some of the benefits that you could experience:

1. Improved awareness of your health

A health assessment can be a great way of telling you why you’re feeling a certain way, even if it’s something minor. Our famous stiff upper lip in the UK means that we often put up with minor inconveniences if they aren’t significant issues because we’d rather not complain and cause a fuss.

Covid-19 is still prevalent and we’re still at risk of becoming infected, knowing what’s going on inside your body is really important. Even if you don’t think that your tickly throat or headache is anything to worry about, going to have a test done can be a great way of spotting something that could have gone under the radar. It’s worth remembering that even if you feel okay, you can still have Covid-19 and be giving it to others.

2. Early detection of any potential problems

If you can catch these little things in the bud, when done as part of an annual health assessment, before they become serious, you have the best possibility for a good outcome. Things like high blood pressure can be really important and often go unnoticed if your local GP doesn’t offer you a test.

For younger people, full health tests might be uncommon, but having tests for infections like Covid-19 have become increasingly part of daily life. People have seemingly taken more ownership over their health over the past couple of years and the access we now have to fast-acting health tests are largely responsible.

3. Tailored lifestyle advice based on your individual needs

Health assessments can flag up things you may not have ever become aware of, such as inherited dietary needs that you might have just assumed were normal. It can give you the information to make real, informed choices about what you put into your body moving forward.

Consuming dairy is a big point of interest in this regard. Lactose intolerance goes massively undiagnosed because many of those who suffer do so without realising that the nausea and discomfort they experience aren’t usual, and a vast majority of the population doesn’t feel that way.

4. Peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to stay healthy

It can be effortless to fall into bad habits and make lifestyle choices that aren’t doing what’s best for your body. Doing a health assessment can give you the understanding you may need to finally make positive changes to what you do to your body and what you’re putting into it.

Anxiety about Covid-19 is sky-high at the moment and while things might seem like they’re back to normal, many experts are saying that infection rates are back to high levels in the UK. It’s so important that we continue to take the necessary precautions and try to stay safe.

According to the BBC, 1 in 17 people in Scotland tested positive for Covid-19 last week.

Sarah Croft, who’s monitoring infection rates for ONS, stated that, “Scotland continues to have the highest infection rate, although it has recently increased at a slower rate compared to other UK countries.”




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