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Common mistakes to avoid when using snow chains

Leamington Editorial 14th Sep, 2023   0

Safe winter driving is important because winter road conditions can be dangerous due to snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Winter driving requires caution, planning, and preparation. Following the above tips will help you improve your driving safety during the winter months and reduce the risk of accidents. Drive at a slower speed in the winter than in the summer. Increase the distance between your car and other vehicles to ensure adequate reaction time.

Check the weather forecast and road conditions carefully before hitting the road. If possible, postpone your trip in case of unfavorable weather conditions.

Prepare for the unexpected: Always carry a winter emergency kit that includes a flashlight, battery charging cable, shovel, first aid kit, blanket and other essential items in case of an accident or road blockage.

Using snow chains in the winter can greatly improve driving safety, but improper installation and use of the chains can lead to dangerous situations. Here are the top mistakes to avoid when using snow chains:

Improper chain installation: One of the most common and dangerous mistakes is not installing chains on your tires properly. Before installation, read the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the chains fit your tires correctly. Improperly installed chains can damage your tires as well as impair your vehicle’s handling.

Improper chains for your tire type: Different snow chains are designed for different types of tires, such as summer or winter tires. Use chains that match your tires and are recommended for winter conditions.

Low tire pressure: Low tire pressure can impair chain performance and increase chain wear. Before installing chains, make sure tire pressure is within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Speeding: Speed should be reduced on snowy and icy roads. Exceeding the speed limit with chains may result in loss of vehicle control.

Using chains on dry roads: Do not use chains on paved or dry roads. Doing so will wear out the chains and tires, as well as impair handling.

Sloppy driving: Use caution when driving a vehicle with chains installed. Drive smoothly and avoid sudden maneuvers to avoid loss of traction.

Ignoring the manufacturer’s instructions: Read and follow the chain manufacturer’s instructions. They may contain important recommendations for installation and operation.

Improper storage: Chains should be stored well to avoid corrosion and damage. After use, rinse them and store them in a dry place.

Worn chains: Periodically check the condition of the chains and replace them if they are worn or damaged.

Not using winter tires: Snow chains are not a substitute for winter tires. In severe winter conditions, it is recommended that winter tires be used with chains for best safety.

There are a types and facts about snow chains from, which are used to provide improved traction and safety in winter road conditions.

Spider Chains: These chains have metal “spiders” with metal fingers that cross over the tire. They provide reliable traction on snow and ice, but may be less comfortable on paved roads.

Semi-Metal Chains: These chains contain both metal links and a non-hot rubber coating. They provide good traction on snow and ice, but tend to be more comfortable on roads because they have less contact with the pavement.

Metal Chains: These chains consist of metal links and sticks that cross over the tire. They provide excellent traction on snowy and icy roads, but can damage the pavement.

Textile Chains: These chains are made of high strength textile materials such as nylon. They are lightweight and usually easier to install compared to metal chains. However, their traction is not as good as metal chains, and they are not recommended for extreme winter conditions.

Stud Chains: These chains have metal studs or bolts that are embedded in rubber bands. They provide excellent traction on ice and icy roads, but can be less comfortable and loud when driving.

Remember that using anti-skid chains requires caution and attention to road conditions. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and obey speed limits to ensure safe driving in winter conditions.

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