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Leamington’s Energy - What Makes Solar Panels So Great?

Correspondent 2nd May, 2023   0

We often connect the sun and its warming hug to our holidays away, specifically somewhere out of the UK! This conception is rapidly changing, as that burning ball of fire is now being utilised by families like yours in many homes across the UK.

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular with UK homeowners, but why is this the case?

Why Make the Switch to Solar?

There’s no denying that switching to solar panels to power your home is a rather big deal! Despite the research, planning, and cost, making the switch is time-consuming and does mean that some construction will have to happen right outside your window.

But the benefits that solar panels produce are worth the hassle.

4 Key Benefits of Solar Panel Energy

Many people make the switch to solar power because they are environmentally cautious and understand that this change of power source that runs everything from phone chargers to the fridge in your home will vastly impact the potential future on earth.

Helping the Environment

As a renewable source of electricity, the use of solar panels has become critical in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, into the atmosphere, protecting everything from ourselves to our ecosystems.

The use of solar reduces other dangerous air pollutant emissions. These include sulfur oxides, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides.

Being environmentally friendly isn’t the only benefit of this power switch.

Money-Saving Tactic

Although solar energy may cost in the short term, it will save you money in the long term.

The primary way solar panels can save your household money is through their mechanism to generate electricity using the sun as its source, meaning no more relying on those high rates from your utility company.

The reduction of electricity bills is something that we all could use in the current cost of living crisis! So why not invest in a cheaper future? Check out this article by GreenMatch for some exciting facts on solar panels you probably didn’t know.

Solar panel owners can also receive extra payments for the excess energy they create and don’t require fueling their homes.

This process can be automatic by homeowners choosing to sell surplus energy by registering with SEG (Smart Export Guarantee).

This scheme ensures you are paid for any electricity fed back to the National grid. Another significant benefit of solar panels!


While diversifying the energy supply used in many homes across Leamington and the UK, the increasing popularity of solar energy has also created more independent households that no longer rely on energy suppliers and fossil fuels.

This rise in self-sufficiency and energy independence means less reliance on the traditional electricity grid, fewer homeowners impacted by power shortages or power cuts, and more people in control of the power they create and use!

Advancements in Technology

Solar panels are constantly being improved, and their technology will continue to do this for years to come, meaning that they will only get more efficient.

The discoveries and improvements implemented in solar energy creation, such as advances in photovoltaic technology, have raised efficiency to over 21% over the course of one year. These statistics show that the future of solar panels and their usage is promising and can only progress.

The Solar Futures Study found that by 2050 around 14% of the world’s transportation could be fueled by solar power!

What Makes a Good Solar Panel Installer?

Is searching ‘solar panel installers near me’ not giving you the information you need? Here is a rundown of what makes a good solar panel installer.

There are several qualities to look for when sourcing your solar installer. To ensure that you get the best possible experience and output from your solar panel installation, you should both query the skill set of your solar installation technician and request evidence of MCS accreditation as a minimum.

So what skills should you look out for?

Solar installation technicians should be tech-savvy and have excellent attention to detail, as this electrical system will fuel your day-to-day life.

Understanding solar energy, solar panels, and complex system mechanisms is vital. These skills will all go towards the successful installation of solar panels and their reliability.

Keep in mind that solar panels and their life expectancy can range up to 30 years, so a quality installation is necessary!

Communication, customer service, and willingness to help in your journey to self-sufficient energy are also crucial in a good solar panel installer. You don’t want to feel alone in the process. That’s why you’re hiring someone to help you along the way!

Article written by GreenMatch.


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