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Mastering Sponsored Products: How to Win with Amazon Ads

Leamington Editorial 12th Apr, 2024   0

Amazon Sponsored Products is one of the most effective ways for brands to drive sales and visibility on Amazon. With over 197 million monthly active users on Amazon in the UK alone, sponsored ads allow you to reach a huge audience of potential customers right at the point of purchase.

However, setting up and optimising an Amazon Sponsored Products campaign can be complex. With the right strategy and optimisation, sponsored ads can deliver an excellent return on investment. Follow these tips to master Amazon Sponsored Products and maximise your results.

Choose the Right Campaign Type

Amazon offers two main campaign types for Sponsored Products:

  • Automatic Targeting – Amazon uses their algorithm to show your ad to relevant search terms and product pages automatically. This requires little input but gives you less control.
  • Manual Targeting – You choose specific keywords, products and categories to target manually. This takes more work but allows better customisation.

For most advertisers, manual targeting works best. You can hone in on the terms and products most relevant to your brand. Avoid broad generic terms where competition is high. Use long-tail keywords focused on buyer intent.

Optimise Your Bids

Amazon uses an auction-style system for its Sponsored Products. You set a maximum CPC bid for each of your keywords and target products. Where you set your bid can make a big difference to costs and sales.

Some tips for bid optimisation:

  • Set higher max bids for the most relevant and high-converting keywords. Go lower for less relevant terms.
  • Analyse the suggested bid range Amazon provides as a starting point.
  • Regularly adjust bids based on performance data. Reduce bids on underperforming keywords.
  • Use automatic bidding strategies if you sell many products. This automatically optimises bids across your portfolio based on sales history.

An Amazon ads agency can help you with this.

Enhance Your Product Listings

A key factor for Sponsored Product success is having optimised Amazon product listings. Your listings need to be detailed and compelling so that your ad sends traffic to a relevant, informative product page.

Essential listing optimisation includes:

  • High-quality product images and videos to showcase your items.
  • Detailed titles, bullet points and descriptions covering keywords, features and benefits.
  • Correct product categorisation and detailed attributes to match searches.
  • Incentivising reviews and ratings to build social proof.

Optimised listings improve clickthrough rates and conversions for your ads.

Analyse and Refine Your Campaign

Keep monitoring the performance of your Sponsored Products campaigns, both through Amazon Attribution data and your own conversion tracking.

Dig into the metrics to see which keywords, ads and targets are performing best. Identify low-performing areas you can improve or remove.

A/B test different elements like headlines, copy and landing pages. Make incremental optimisations and monitor the results.

Use negative keywords to reduce irrelevant clicks and spending. Refine your budget splitting between top-performing and new campaigns.

Ongoing refinement is key for maximising your Amazon Sponsored Product returns.

By following these tips on strategy, setup, bidding, listings and optimisation, you can get excellent results from Amazon Sponsored Products. Just be sure to start with relevant, high-intent keywords, create compelling ads and continually optimise based on data. With the right approach, Amazon ads offer an unparalleled opportunity to boost visibility and sales.

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