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Recent UKGC Proposals: How They May Affect UK and Non UK Casinos

Leamington Editorial 15th Mar, 2023   0

In the United Kingdom gambling is extremely popular and is something millions love and enjoy. It is controlled by the UKGC, or UK Gambling Commission and this gambling authority is considered one of the best in the world. They are constantly advancing and changing the industry. Below we can see the future changes they want to implement.

Licences For Affiliates

One of the biggest changes or proposals at this point UKGC has is licences for affiliates. Affiliates are websites that promote specific online casinos and betting sites. These offer professional help or honest opinion about that casino, compare casinos, games, and more. Players can claim great bonuses using their links. But, they can operate without any issues and they can promote any casino they like.

UKGC and some US and gambling authorities from Europe are looking for a way to licence these websites. The same type of licence online casinos need and use will be used in this case scenario. A website will be tested and approved. It will get a licence and it can continue promoting casinos and gambling in general. But it may be an issue, as there are many casino sites not based in the UK where players can play and it means that those casinos should be removed from the lists. The mission is simple. These licences should put an end to fake websites where players can claim a lot of bonuses or something else but in reality, they will lose money. They can also get unprofessional help or be scammed to invest in fake casinos. The mission does have a purpose, but this is half of the story.

Affiliates have requested that this request be removed. They would like to continue doing what they have been doing for so long. We don’t know if this licence will be free or not, but we believe affiliates will have to pay for it. This is another issue.

Banning Certain Features and Options

UKGC is looking for additional ways and methods to make gambling safer and more appealing to more people. One of the new changes is to limit how many slots a player can play at any given moment. The ideal number is 1. So, you can play just one slot game at one moment. Regardless of how many browsers or mobile devices you want to use the number should remain the same. This is done so you can pay more attention to the game and your expenses rather than playing and losing without even knowing.

The second change is the speed of slots. It should be 2.5 seconds, and this number has been obtained from land casinos. The goal here is simple and straightforward. Players who play fast-paced games can lose more in less time. In general, this request should ban quick spin, autoplay, or turbo options seen in some games that have been linked with gambling addiction or similar issues. An autoplay option has been a huge problem according to UKGC. It allows players to play a slot automatically. You can play 100 spins with a sin gel press of a button. All winnings will be accredited to your account but all losses will be deducted as well. Some slots have the option to place how much you can afford to lose after which this feature will end.

The next possible proposal is that a player can see the invested, won or lost money on the screen at all times. This is done so he can adjust and adapt more to his playing. At the moment it can be difficult to see the amount of money lost or won hence you may want to play more and lose even more. The change should put an end to this. You have more options at your disposal so you can adapt better and prevent gambling addiction or more losses. As simple as that.

The next thing you need to know is that a change that allows operators to block withdrawal requests may become present. The idea is once again simple. A player will withdraw his winnings, then cancel and continue to play. This is basically done when a player is chasing losses; hence he can play with money he doesn’t actually have or he will play with the funds needed for other things. By cancelling the withdrawal process, he cannot invest more, and he will have to stop playing hence preventing loss chase. The only issue here is that some casinos allow you to withdraw winnings within hours. This also means that you can deposit the same funds within an hour or a few hours.

The Final Word

These rules and requirements will definitely change gambling and will have a considerable effect overall on players. It is something you need to understand more and something you need to adapt to. These proposals come after the credit card ban even with its pros and cons and maybe the biggest one in the recent times. Keep in mind that all of these changes are added for your safety and they have a hugely positive effect on preventing gambling addiction and related issues. We can only wait and see further changes and modifications UKGC will bring to the realm of gambling and betting.


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