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Trading Lifestyle: 10 Habits of successful forex traders

Leamington Editorial 13th Jul, 2022   0

Trading Lifestyle: 10 Habits Of Successful Forex Traders

The fx trading lifestyle is often glamorised and shown to be full of fast cars, beautiful women, and luxurious holidays.

While, yes, certain luxuries come as a result of trading successfully, what’s not spoken about or shown as often is the amount of hard work and commitment that was needed to get to that prosperous place.

Forex trading, like any other profession, takes time and effort. Successful traders didn’t become successful overnight. They spent a lot of their time (and often their money) on honing their craft and becoming the success you may see today. That’s the key; becoming. To be a successful forex trader, you’ve got to become one over time.

Take a look at 10 of the best ways that you can do just that.  

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Control Your Emotions

Making a trading decision based on your emotions can land you in a lot of trouble. Jumping into a trade head-first because you’re excited or even greedy can be the beginning of the end of your trading career if you’re not careful. Managing your emotions in the market is pivotal to trader success because once you’ve mastered your emotional space, you’re empowered to make a wise and informed decision rather than a rash and hasty one.

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Create A Trading Plan and Stick to It

The old adage that failing to plan leads to planned failure is true in almost every endeavour in the world, and trading is no different. If you want to become a successful forex trader, you need to develop a well-thought-out plan that guides your every move in the markets. The trickier part of this is to stick to the scheme you’ve created, so keep that in mind once you have a plan in place and make sure you’re finding a way to stick to your original trading plan.

Practice Money Management Techniques

The goal of trading is to maximise your profits and minimise your losses as much as possible, but it can be challenging to do that if you aren’t well versed in the art of money management. Learning how to manage money and make wise decisions about how much and when to spend and risk on a trade is paramount to becoming a successful trader. Knowing how to manage your profits and losses well can also benefit your emotional space in the markets.

Balance Your Life Outside of Trading

As with any career or hobby, it’s healthy to maintain a balance between your work and your rest. It might make sense for you to be constantly checking the markets and the movement of currencies, but over time you’ll only burn yourself out and be left broken (and most probably broke). It’s a paradox that’s been proven to work; to be successful at something, you need to know when to stop doing that thing and rest. The same is true for forex trading.

Keep An Eye on Other Markets

Whether you specialise in one market or a few, it’s always helpful to keep tabs on other markets as they can give you valuable insights into possible movements and changes within your particular market. The popular phrase “know your enemy” works well with this idea, although the other markets are not your enemy unless they let you down, of course! The bottom line is that it’s always a good idea to have a complete picture of what’s happening.

Be Disciplined

Any form of success comes with years of discipline and consistency. Without discipline, you’ll become a swaying reed in the wind with no grounding or self-management skills. Be intentional about doing the things that you need to do to become successful. Get some help from a friend or family member if you’re struggling to stay on track because success in the forex trading markets will require a lot of discipline.

Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

Utilise A Trusted and Regulated Forex Broker

Safety and peace of mind are two very underrated values in forex trading. Both of these can be met by using a forex broker to ensure you’re treated fairly, and your funds are in good hands. You don’t have time to worry about such things if you want to become a successful trader.

Always Stay Learning!

One thing that all successful forex traders have in common is their desire to keep learning and growing in their profession. If you’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ideas about the trading markets, you’ll be able to adapt and grow and fully become the trader you want to be. Nobody grows by staying stagnant and thinking they’ve got it waxed. You need to always be learning!

Keep A Trading Journal

This is a very simple yet effective way to keep track of your trading progress and learn from past mistakes. It’s helpful to be able to look back on previous months and years and see where you were and where you’ve come. This will help you to develop your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Be Adaptable

Another way of saying this could be that you need to be prepared for sudden movements in the market that require swift action. Being equipped and ready for these changes will help you on your road to forex trading success.


At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what kind of trader you want to be and figure out how you’re going to get there. The habits above can be useful guidelines and, in some cases, even a saving grace. However, you need to utilise patterns and paths to success that work for you and suit your trading ability and style because that will be the ultimate success for you – to trade your way and succeed.



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