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Why was Royal Leamington Spa called UK's happiest town Five Years Ago?

Leamington Editorial 20th Jan, 2023   0

Pre-pandemic, Royal Leamington Spa was said to be one happy town.

In fact, the happiest in the kingdom! After five years, things haven’t changed that much in this small town.

So, why is it that residents declared themselves happier than in other cities of the UK? Here is a quick recap.

A Welcoming Place Full of People Ready to Help Out

It is one thing to read it in the paper than to personally ask people that live in town, as you cross them on the street, how they feel about their city.

That is what a reporter decided to do, in order to see if the reality was exactly as the image given by the survey that reached over 17,000 respondents, then.

The first thing that he was told, when he met with citizens in Royal Leamington Spa was that the city was actually a really welcoming place.

This may explain why you see trucks from removal companies in Wales, every once in a while, in the streets of the city.

A person also mentioned that she was not surprised that her town made it to number one in the UK, in terms of happiness.

She related it to the fact that people don’t hesitate to help each other, in this small town.

She took herself as an example saying that a few times, people helped her out with the parking meter, when she did not have coins on her.

A Town Primarily made of a Higher Middle Class

To live in Royal Leamington Spa, you will need to spend a little more than average on the price of your house or on the rent you will pay.

A good example is the fact that the average house in this town, is a little less than 7% more expensive than an average house in the UK.

In fact, some people have to find their residence a little higher up north, in Birmingham, so that they can live well with the salary that they make.

Although this can be an issue, it actually makes the city more attracting for certain people.

In fact, it is not rare that singles, couples or families will move from their own town to Royal Leamington Spa, looking for a higher level of community.

This is the case for people coming from various regions, sharing a similar background, such as a city like Cardiff (look here for removals in Cardiff).

A Better City When compared to Others

Another explanation why Royal Leamington Spa is so happy, is that its citizens actually compare their lives to the ones of people living in other UK cities.

It has come up, more than once, that those who live in London and other larger cities, suffer from stress and other socially derived health issues, while they (citizens of Royal Leamington Spa) are entirely free from than kind of anxiety.

And so, it would seem that it is totally true to say that people living in Royal Leamington Spa are much happier than the average, in regards to people living in other cities, in the UK.

Though they may not be the happiest of all anymore, they are certainly a smiling bunch, still.


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