26th Jul, 2017

Former England Rugby World Cup winner Martin Johnson gives coaching masterclass

Steve Carpenter 1st Oct, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

FORMER England Rugby World Cup winning captain Martin Johnson passed on some wise words of wisdom and coaching advice during a recent session with youngsters from Kenilworth.

Johnson, who led England to Rugby World Cup success in 2003 and also went on to become head coach, hosted a session with the club’s under-9 players.

He Kenilworth after one of the club’s coaches bidded for the session at a recent dinner event and a large crowd turned out to watch the coaching masterclass, which saw Johnson take charge of four different group sessions.

Later in the evening Johnson was joined by Coventry-born England international Darren Garforth and Samoa international Mike Umaga as they mixed with fans, signed shirts and posed for photos.