17th Jan, 2017

Get your dog micro-chipped or face consequences

Leamington Editorial 1st Apr, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

DOG owners are being reminded to make sure their pets are micro-chipped.

From April 6 owners whose dogs are not micro-chipped, or where the ‘keeper’s details’ on the chip are not up to date, could face prosecution.

Government figures show more than 100,000 dogs nationally are picked up on the streets every year.

But it is hoped the new micro-chipping law will help them be returned home and cut down the number of pets being kept in council kennels.

Warwick District Council community protection spokeswoman Coun Moira-Ann Grainger said: “As a nation of dog lovers, it is a vitally important part of responsible ownership, that people comply with this new legislation.

“Micro-chipping helps to ensure our pets are safe and secure, as well as protect the wider community from nuisance animals and owners, making it easier for authorities to track down dogs that carry out attacks and reunite owners with their lost or stolen dog.”

Owners can get their dogs chipped at a variety of places at a cost of between £10 to £30, and some charities and animal shelters run free chipping events.

Visit www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-microchipped for more information.