26th Jul, 2017

Lone ranger comes to the rescue of dog

Leamington Editorial 25th Sep, 2016 Updated: 28th Oct, 2016

A LONE ranger came to the rescue of a trapped dog in Warwick.

Coco the Cocker Spaniel broke loose from her owner Paul Brown as they were walking in Myton Fields recently.

The three year-old squeezed under the security fence protecting the sea scouts boats and her lead trailing behind and became caught on a log.

But Jamie Hill, who works as a Ranger for Warwick District Council, and who was unlocking the nearby car park gate, came to the rescue.

He used his truck to give himself a leg up to climbed over the fence, unhooked Coco and brought her over the fence and back to Paul.

Paul told The Observer: “I couldn’t leave Coco to find help as she was crying and I was worried she’d get tangled in the lead.

“It was a lucky escape for Coco – we could have been there hours waiting to get her out – and Jamie was a real hero.”

“I just want to thank him again for being so willing to help.”