28th Oct, 2016

'Welcome refugees' protest planned in Leamington

Ian Hughes 11th Sep, 2015 Updated: 9 hours ago

PEOPLE are being urged to protest in support of welcoming Syrian refugees to Britain.

Warwick district’s One World Link is organising a rally outside Leamington Town Hall tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am.

They will be calling on the British government to do more to welcome the refugees desperately trying to escape war and persecution.

A spokesman said: “Since the war in Syria began, over 4million refugees – caught between the deadly barrel bombs of the Assad regime and the criminal brutality of Isis – have been forced to leave their homes. There are refugees from other war-torn countries.

“While Germany has offered to take 800,000 refugees, the UK has ‘opted out’ of its EU responsibility to take care of some of these desperate refugees. Instead, our politicians seem to debate only how best to keep them out.

“We reject the miserly and inhumane attitude of the UK government. We are determined to do our bit, and show our support for our fellow human beings caught up in Europe’s greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War.

“Like the marchers on the streets of Vienna and Dresden over the last week, like the football fans on the terraces at Borussia Dortmund, like the residents of Iceland offering to host refugees in their homes, we say ‘Refugees are welcome here!’ and call on people to bring placards saying ‘We welcome Refugees’ .

“We are citizens, from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all political views, all faiths and none.”

Organisers stressed it was an entirely peaceful demonstration.